Activating Women, Young People, and Vulnerable Groups in the Labour Market: A Focus on Green and Digital Transition in Ireland

To create a more inclusive and dynamic labour market, a new initiative within our Project is being launched focusing on activating more women, young people, and vulnerable groups. The objective is to match individuals’ aspirations and skill sets with the abundant opportunities emerging in the job market, particularly in green and digital transition areas, and the overall economic recovery.

One of the primary goals of this initiative is to address the challenges faced by women and young people who still need to be in education, employment, or training (NEET). In Ireland, thanks to the Stay On Project, we try to empower and enable their successful integration by identifying barriers to their participation in the labour market, such as lack of access to resources (transportation and internet), limited skills (leaving the education or being passive because of household’s chores), or discriminatory practices (especially for women and vulnerable groups).

The green and digital transition presents significant job creation and economic growth potential. As industries increasingly embrace sustainability and technology-driven solutions, there is a growing demand for skilled individuals who can contribute to these sectors. Our Stay Oninitiative will ensure that women, young people, and vulnerable groups have the necessary knowledge and skills to seize these opportunities through our training programs, coaching, mentorship, and tailored support. Furthermore, Stay Onaims to foster social inclusion and equal opportunities by engaging marginalised and vulnerable groups. It recognises that a diverse and inclusive workforce can drive innovation, creativity, and sustainable development.

Partnerships with educational institutions, employers, and community organisations were crucial in implementing this Project. By leveraging existing networks and resources, it will be possible to provide comprehensive support to individuals, including career guidance, job matching, and access to numerous training programs. Stay On Project’s success will be measured by increased labour market participation and the positive impact on individuals’ lives and the broader community. Together, we are constantly building a more resilient and equitable society by unlocking the potential of women, young people, and vulnerable groups.

In conclusion, our primary mission is to activate more women, young people, and vulnerable groups in the labour market, aligning their aspirations and skill sets with opportunities arising from the green and digital transition. We can empower individuals and contribute to a sustainable and inclusive economic recovery by fostering inclusivity and providing targeted support.

Together, let us seize the potential of every individual and build a future that leaves no one behind.

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