The European Year of Skills initiatives will also focus on activating more women, young people and vulnerable groups in the labor market. Match people’s aspirations and skill sets with labor market opportunities, especially in terms of green and digital transitions and economic recovery. Particular emphasis will be placed on activating more people in the labor market, especially women and young people, especially those not in education, employment or training. – How do you interpret these words when you think about your project?

The European Year of Skills is of paramount importance in relation to the growing sector of green and digital transitions. One of the assumptions of the ERU is to increase the number of employees, mainly women, youth and people who do not develop, work or study. This assumption should be implemented in all EU countries in the form of e.g. aid programs. By implementing these projects, we approach the issue of the unfavorable situation of women, youth and people not developing on the labor market.

What is the situation of women in the labor market?

In the EU countries, the situation of women in the labor market is unfortunately unfavorable. In 2017, the employment rate for women in the EU was 62%, compared to 73% for men. In addition, Polish women have low professional activity compared to women from other EU countries. In 2020, the professional activity rate of Polish women was 67.9%, compared to 71.9% in the EU. This is influenced, among others, by the unfavorable economic situation of women in Poland and the patriarchal model of the family, the ineffective care system for children under the age of 3 and the pro-family social system delaying the return of women to the labor market.

What is the situation of young people on the labor market?

The situation of young people in the EU has also been unfavorable for many years. In 2021, people aged 15-29 had a lower employment rate than older people, and the unemployment rate in Poland was lower than the EU average.

How to improve the situation on the labor market?

We can positively influence the situation of women and young people in every country, e.g. through the implementation of assistance programs that prepare people to start or develop their own business or find employment. Young Entrepreneurs Succeed! (YES!) by definition, it supports both young entrepreneurs and people who, by improving their qualifications, have a chance to find a suitable job in the field of digital marketing. Support will be provided to both women, e.g. returning to the labor market after maternity leave, and young people looking for a job. The implementation of such programs is very important, it affects economic stability, reduces unemployment, and supports people in an unfavorable professional situation. The assumptions of the program focus on matching the participant’s aspirations and skills to starting a business or improving their professional qualifications.

The alumni of the Young Entrepreneurs Succeed! project used the knowledge gained from the program and achieved success in the form of starting their own company and developing a personal brand. Importantly, the participants’ businesses are often related to the ecological and digital transformation, contributing to the implementation of sustainable development goals. And in the success stories on the program’s international website, mention was made of:

Magdalena Baran – is a food technologist, creates food products that have a positive effect on our health without compromising the environment during production.

Katarzyna Rećko – is a nutritionist and promoter of a plant-based diet. It affects the proper nutrition of people in harmony with the planet, Katarzyna Rećko founded the company.

Outside the YES! program there are other projects that enable, for example, comprehensive help for people in a difficult life situation. The Youth Business Poland Foundation implements the Best by Futuremakers program for refugees from Ukraine by supporting them in finding a job or setting up a business or moving it to Poland.

The issues related to the lower employment rate among women and youth in the EU and the living situation of refugees indicate the need to implement assistance programs every year. Thanks to this, we can contribute to improving the situation of the above-mentioned social groups, stabilizing the economy and economic recovery. Every year, foundations and other organizations acquire new programs that they actively implement, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life and the development of the ecological and digital transformation sector.


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