Ionuț, green spaces caretaker

Ionuț is a 25-year-old man, diagnosed with mild mental retardation. He grew up in a village, in Constanta county, and he used to help his grandparents at the chore from a young age. Unfortunately, he left school without completing even the primary cycle of education. Although Ionut lives alongside his grandparents, the young man has a good relationship with both his mother and his stepfather.

The young man really wanted to work. He tried to get a job, but without success. Ionut worked for a daily wage in agriculture and construction, but he has not given up on his dream of having an employment contract. Considering Ionut’s desire, his stepfather decided to look for a job on internet for him. He found out about the Supported Employment services offered by HAO within the LEAD project and he called our colleagues from Constanța. Later, Ionuț and his stepfather came to the Center for a first meeting.

“Ionuț deeply impressed me! He is a sensible, calm, and he displays good manners. Ionuț has high emotional and social intelligence; he easily communicates with others, and he without effort adjusts to different circumstances” says Olivia. “I found out that he likes to spend time in nature and to work the land. Thus, in March, I invited him to participate in an experience exchange alongside representatives of Belial Group (a company specializing in greenspaces maintenance activities). At that moment, they were looking for people interested in working in the field”, Olivia explains.

The young man made a good impression, so the company’s administrator hired him in April. Olivia has maintained contact with both the company’s representatives and the young man. According to Olivia, significant intervention in working relations was not necessary.

Now, Ionuț is highly appreciated by both his supervisor and his colleagues. The young man is punctual, serious and conscientious at work. He respects the schedule, he correctly fulfills his assigned tasks, and he likes to be helpful to others. At the beginning, there were some communication’s difficulties, but the supervisor has learned how to explain him what he has to do, so that Ionuț understands correctly.

The young man is very happy because he likes what he does and he feels useful.

The project “Labour market Employment for young Adults with a Disability – LEAD” is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.



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