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On September 4th, Cowork4YOUTH researcher Dimitris Manoukas was in Barcelona, where he participated in the Policy Working Group of COST Action: CA18214 – The Geography of New Working Spaces and the Impact on the Periphery. The aims of the COST action are a) to identify the “typologies” of new workplaces like coworking spaces and to uncover their “spatial distribution”, combined with possible explanations for the location patterns revealed, through sharing “the first outcomes of some funded international research projects”, b) how, among other factors, regional competitiveness, economic performance, “knowledge creation within regional innovation system” and social inclusion were helped to be promoted by these new coworking spaces by comparing and disseminating the results of these projects, and c) to draw and implement policy measures for the advantages that new workplaces will bring.

On September 29th, Antigoni Papageorgiou presented part of the Cowork4YOUTH pilot study at the Interreg CreativeHubs conference “Holistic networking of creative industries via hubs” in Patras. Greece. The other presentations that took place at the conference were about, among other topics, the social and environmental impact of collaborative workplaces, collaborative workplaces and social innovation in rural areas, creativity and urban development, and entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems.

Cowork4YOUTH also was recently the proud host of a session at the 31st Nordic Symposium on Hospitality and Tourism Research. The session was entitled “Tourism Work and Workers: Seeking Dignified Labour out of Precariousness” and it was chaired by our own Dimitri Ioannides and Kristina Zampoukos. The Symposium was hosted by the Cowork4YOUTH partners European Tourism Research Institute (ETOUR) and the focus topic was “Rethinking tourism for a sustainable future”.

By the way, this wasn’t just any old symposium. Hosted by our partner ETOUR, the 31st Nordic Symposium was a record breaker with over 200 participants from 18 countries!

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