Awareness of European NEETs in the coming years

The expected changes in the consciousness of young people in Europe in the near future may include many areas of action related primarily to their personal development, education, breaking stereotypes and finding their way in the labour market. However, detailed and precise changes among NEETs are difficult to predict clearly. 

We might observe some potential trends among NEETs. During the individual and group trainings we carry out with young people aged 20 to 29 in the Podlaskie Voivodeship in Poland as part of the StayOn project [1], we notice a trend towards increased environmental awareness. Young people would like be more involved in environmental issues, sustainability and the fight against climate change.

Technology and digitalization is another trend that NEETs would like to develop: young people can become increasingly connected to technology, which will affect the way they communicate, work and learn.

From working with young people of other StayOn project partners, it is clear that  NEETs are happy to work on diversity and inclusivity. The growing importance of equality and acceptance of diversity, both cultural and gender, will very soon become an important part of young Europeans’ awareness.

In a year dedicated to skills, it is impossible not to mention education. Education and skills are very important to NEEDs in Europe. The importance of acquiring skills, lifelong learning and developing competences is  increasing in the minds of young Europeans [2].

Young people’s contemporary engagement in political processes is taking place against a backdrop of shrinking space for civil society, the rise of populist ideologies, increased inequality, the rise of global youth movements and health care. Young people may become more politically active, seeking to influence decisions and social change [3].

There is an increase in mental health awareness among young people.NEETs would like to increasingly pay attention to mental health and the need to talk about mental health problems in their local communities.

These are just some aspects of increasing awareness among young people these days. However, it is worth remembering that each person is unique and changes in young people’s awareness are driven by more factors such as culture, education, life experiences and social events. Therefore, it is difficult to predict exactly what these changes will be, but it can be expected that they will be shaped in response to current social challenges and European and global trends.


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StayOn project, The Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre not for profit sp. z o.o.



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