CARDET reflection on upcoming changes on education, sustainability and inclusivity

As we approach 2024, three major concerns must be addressed: education, sustainability and inclusivity. Education development are critical for a future job market. By prioritizing education, we can empower individuals with skills matched to the demands of the future labor market by prioritizing education. Furthermore, promoting lifelong learning initiatives would allow individuals to constantly adapt, ensuring their relevance in a rapidly changing technology world.

While sustainability is necessary by promoting renewable energy sources and investing in clean energy technologies, we can create a more sustainable future. Social justice and inclusivity necessitate policies that encourage diversity and community involvement. Additionally, implementing policies that promote diversity and inclusivity in all sectors, from government to education and businesses, fosters a sense of belonging and equality. These goals direct us toward a future distinguished by resilience, creativity, and social development, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to succeed while also protecting the environment and using technology for the greater good.

These challenges can lead us to the future by finding innovative solutions and focus onsocial progress. By implementing these recommendations, we can create a future in which everyone has a chance to succeed, our environment is safeguarded, and technology is used for the greater good.

Foteini Sokratous, CARDET, YOUTHShare Project



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