The “Youth Employment Monitor” platform

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, addressing the challenges related to youth employment is crucial. The “Youth Employment Monitor” (YEM) is an innovative platform designed to monitor youth employment in the Mediterranean EEA. Being Web-GIS Based, this platform is making use of Geographic Information Systems to present data in a geospatial context. This innovative approach allows users to visualize, analyze, and interpret youth employment data in a geographic context, helping to identify regional disparities and trends. By using business intelligence (BI) tools, YEM offers a number of applications, aiming at also forecasting data regarding youth employment. The platform’s key features and applications include:

  • Youth Employment Monitor Insights: YEM Insights is a comprehensive tool for visualizing data related to youth employment, youth population, youth unemployment, youth inactivity, and NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). It covers all EU countries and their regions, providing data from 2008 to 2022. Users can explore data in both rates and absolute values, enabling a deeper understanding of the youth employment landscape. Furthermore, it offers timeseries and forecasting timeseries for the Mediterranean EEA countries and regions, until 2030.

  • Youth Guarantee Reports Application: Youth Guarantee Reports Applicationbrings Youth Guarantee reports in live view through interactive mapping, focusing on the countries of the Mediterranean EEA. Through this application users can also access the official Youth Guarantee Reports by the European Commission, offering a brief overview of the program’s Indices per Mediterranean EEA country.

  • Youth Guarantee Interactive Maps: Youth Guarantee Interactive Maps provides a visual representation of data related to Youth Guarantee, allowing users to explore youth employment and related metrics in a spatial context. It also includes interactive maps and legends, depicting indices such as the percentage of:
    • NEETs being reached by the Youth Guarantee,
    • Youth being in Youth Guarantee beyond the 4-month target,
    • Youth taking-up an offer within 4 months in the program and,
    • Youth being in a positive situation 6 months after exiting the program.

Feel free to explore the Youth Employment Monitor here or feel free to scan the QR Code below:

Anna Saroukou, YOUTHShare Project


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