Connecting Faces, Telling Stories: A Communication Officer’s journey with StayOn

In my role as the Communication Officer for the StayOn project, I’ve found myself doing more than just conveying information. It’s about crafting a narrative that empowers young individuals across Europe—helping them realize their potential, fostering activism, participation, and creativity in rural communities. As the project nears its end, I take a moment to reflect on the challenges and rewards that have defined my journey.

Crafting narratives

At StayOn, I’ve been part of a rich collection of stories from our different partners. Whether it’s successful training or coaching, community-driven initiatives, engaging co-innovation labs, or our knowledge transfers and events, these stories are the heartbeat of StayOn, giving life to our communication efforts.

My role goes beyond narrating these stories; it’s about transforming them into messages that resonate with our audience. In return, these stories have deepened my understanding of StayOn’s profound impact on individuals and communities, fueling my passion for effective communication.

A two-way street with the Youth Employment Magazine

Our collaboration with the Youth Employment Magazine has been a mutual exchange. Through articles and features, we not only share StayOn’s successes but also contribute insights to the youth employment discourse. The magazine serves as a platform to showcase tangible outcomes, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and best practices.

In providing content, the StayOn partners and I have given readers a glimpse into the transformative experiences of young people, inviting them to be part of a broader narrative of youth empowerment. Simultaneously, the magazine provides a channel for StayOn’s voice to resonate beyond project boundaries.

Measuring impact and sharing success

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, our German partner ECSF meticulously measured the impact of our work. This process wasn’t just about crunching numbers; it was about understanding the tangible difference StayOn was making in the lives of young individuals across Europe. Communicating these results became a crucial aspect of my role as the Communication Officer.We employed various mediums, including videos and infographics, to distill complex information into accessible formats.

StayOn faces

A special aspect that captured the essence of our collective efforts was the playlist “StayOn Experience” shared on YouTube. Each of our dedicated partners contributed by creating 12 insightful video interviews featuring participants, external partners, coaches, trainers, mentors, and more. These videos not only encapsulated the tangible impact of StayOn but also showcased the diverse voices and faces that shaped this transformative initiative. As you watch these interviews on the StayOn Experience, we encourage you to discover the diverse stories that make up the project’s legacy and appreciate the exceptional individuals who played a key role.

In conclusion, my journey as the Communication Officer of StayOn has been an exploration of storytelling, collaboration, and personal growth. As we celebrate the achievements of our implementing partners and share our stories through videos, I am confident that these narratives will inspire those who will be the “next ones” to recognize their potential and actively contribute to the development of resilient communities.

StayOn is more than a project; it’s a collection of faces, stories, and experiences that illuminate the path toward vibrant, empowered futures for Europe’s youth.

Marta Messineo


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