Five years of impact: my journey with SEPAL Project and the rich rewards of international collaboration

Embarking on a professional journey as the Project Coordinator for the SEPAL Project (Supporting Employment Platform through Apprenticeship Learning) was a decision that has profoundly shaped my career over the past five years. This narrative delves into the transformative experiences, the profound impact on my role as a coordinator, and the international collaborations that unfolded during my tenure with SEPAL. The SEPAL Project, rooted in the noble cause of Supporting Employment through Apprenticeship Learning, set out to create a dynamic platform fostering skill development, employment opportunities, and sustainable growth. As the project coordinator based in Poland, I found myself at the forefront of an initiative that not only aimed to bridge the employment gap but also to cultivate a global network of collaboration.

One of the most enriching aspects of my role was the opportunity to engage in extensive international collaboration. SEPAL was not bound by geographical constraints; instead, it thrived on the diversity of ideas and expertise from stakeholders across borders. Collaborating with professionals, educators, and policymakers from different countries infused the project with a wealth of perspectives, turning it into a truly global endeavour. Coordinating the SEPAL Project demanded navigating intricate cross-cultural dynamics. From coordinating virtual meetings across time zones to understanding diverse approaches to apprenticeship learning, the role provided a constant learning curve. These challenges, however, were not obstacles but opportunities to foster a deeper understanding of global employment needs and tailor the project accordingly.

SEPAL became a crucible for personal and professional growth. As the coordinator, I assumed a multifaceted role, overseeing project implementation, facilitating collaboration, and serving as a liaison between international partners. The dynamic nature of the project allowed me to hone my organizational and leadership skills, offering a platform for continuous improvement and growth.

Beyond the administrative tasks, witnessing the tangible impact of SEPAL on employment and skill development was truly gratifying. Apprenticeship programs implemented through the project became pathways for individuals to acquire valuable skills and secure meaningful employment. The success stories of those who benefited from SEPAL’s initiatives served as powerful reminders of the project’s overarching goal. SEPAL not only brought professional growth but also cultivated lasting connections. Collaborating with diverse professionals and organizations forged bonds that extended beyond the project’s scope. The shared commitment to empowering individuals through apprenticeship learning created a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect, laying the foundation for enduring friendships.

Reflecting on my five-year journey as the Project Coordinator for SEPAL, it’s evident that this endeavour has been more than a job—it’s been a transformative odyssey. SEPAL’s impact on employment, skill development, and international collaboration has left an indelible mark on my professional identity. As I continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of employment initiatives, I carry with me the lessons, connections, and memories forged during my time with SEPAL. The journey may have begun in Poland, but its resonance extends far beyond borders, a testament to the power of collaborative efforts in fostering positive change on a global scale. 

Beata Mintus
KOMES Fundacja (Poland)
SEPAL Project



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