The Top Stories from the StayOn Partners

As we are approaching the StayOn project completion, we proudly present the best stories from our implementing partners, their trainings, cooperations and community building. Their diversity, grounded in a common mission to inspire young people to recognize, develop and use their superpowers – activism, participation, and creativity– to StayOn rural communities, testifies to the added value that happens in local environments when we work in a well-connected and supportive international project community. 

Become a Special Person Again
CRESAÇOR – Regional Cooperative of Solidarity Economy, Portugal

Community walks: a week of personal and social development, sharing, learning and, above all, making an effective contribution to the region, with lots of creativity!

For a week, young people from two Azorean islands were challenged to build a better society. In this construction process, they travelled to their own interior. They identified everything that blocks them from change. Then, they looked at society with creative and inclusive ideas.” 

Re-Invent Your Opportunities
Rezos Brands Anonymi Emporiki Eteria Idon Diatrofis, Greece

“In the StayOn project, and especially in our Co-Innovation Living Lab, we have established a strong cooperation with regional stakeholders supporting new job opportunities. With their help, young people co-designed an “opportunities box” which takes into account the NEET’s needs and skills, cross-referenced with the region’s priorities, and includes a comprehensive list of active or soon-to-be activated job offerings. This dynamic blog was developed by the NEETs themselves, it offers social media-based services, and is offered to the stakeholders as a useful tool to manage and promote their job offerings in a more NEET-friendly way.

The opportunities box is significant in encouraging NEETs to Stay-On the Region and re-embark on new careers. In parallel, it designates to the region’s key stakeholders the real needs of young people and new ways to efficiently reach this enthusiastic target group.”

Together for the Better
The Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre Not-for-profit Sp. Z O.O., Poland

“In the StayOn project, we have established strong cooperation with local stakeholders, including state institutions, university academy offices, NGOs, private companies and individuals. We are impressed by how many people have joined in promoting the project and helping young people in Podlasie. They believed in the motto of the project and followed us.

We will never forget this great support. We would like to thank everyone and hope that our joint activities in StayOn project have a great impact on society and will improve the situation of young people in our community.”

Photo: Natalia Truszkowska from the Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre with Magdalena Mrozek from Social Integration Centre at the L Foundation in Łomża.  

Community Chronicles: Celebrating Glob/Loc Heroes
Meath Community Rural and Social Development Partnership Limited, Ireland

“The last Wonderful Co-Innovation Lab was a vibrant and collaborative space dedicated to celebrating the stories of local heroes in county Meath, drawing inspiration from their remarkable journeys to co-create solutions. The Co-Innovation Lab cultivates a rich tapestry of ideas to address pressing challenges and contribute to the greater good by honouring heroes’ accomplishments from various, primarily vulnerable backgrounds.

The exceptional nature of the Co-innovation Lab lies in its commitment to inclusivity and diversity, exemplified by the active participation of a broad spectrum of individuals. It intentionally incorporates voices from traditionally marginalised groups, such as young people from the traveller’s community, refugees, and those with special needs. The lab’s emphasis on inclusivity makes it a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of collaboration that transcends boundaries and embraces the strength found in the collective wisdom of a truly diverse group of participants.”

A Milestone Toward a Bright Future
Association Atis, Italy

“During the Italian for Foreigners and Entrepreneurship course, we had the privilege of witnessing an inspiring moment of determination and ambition, showcasing that the path of learning and personal growth can open doors and propel individuals to achieve even higher milestones. A determined young migrant, aspiring to build a better future, wholeheartedly attended the course. Thanks to this opportunity, he improved his language skills and gained the knowledge needed to start his own entrepreneurial venture. Obtaining the driver’s license was a tangible achievement that marked a moment of great joy and a significant step forward in his life and opened up new possibilities and opportunities. Right after, the young person confided in us his next goal: aiming for a degree.

This story epitomizes the strength of learning and self-determination. Thanks to the Italian for Foreigners and Entrepreneurship course, the young migrant not only acquired practical skills but also gained confidence in himself and his abilities. His desire to pursue a degree demonstrates that our support and investment in individuals can generate tangible and lasting changes in people’s lives.”

You can learn more about the value of collaboration in the BB Consulting upcoming Community Shapers Playbook! In the playbook, we gathered important insights on nurturing potential, interdependence,and especially project culture and management & lessons learned in the StayOn project partnership. The topic of collaboration will also be discussed in the academic book by Giulia Parola, Ph.D. Collaborating in European projects.

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