Building legacies: reflections on managing the Project SEPAL PRO under the EEA & Norway Grants

Being a project coordinator and communication officer in the SEPAL PRO program of the EEA & Norway Grants was a milestone in my career. The opportunity to manage administratively and communicatively a program of such importance and prestige was a great challenge and an unforgettable experience.

The most important parameters arising from such responsibilities are the development and improvement of individual and professional skills as well as the connection and cooperation with remarkable professionals from various European countries. At the same time, networking and collaborations at national and local level played an important role and reshaped the identity of our cooperative, as they connected us with several institutions of the Social Economy sector.

The communication part of the program ranged at a high level. The clear and comprehensive instructions given by the funders, combined with the guidance and support provided by the lead partner, gave a commendable result.

Local dissemination events, social media management, participation in events to disseminate the project, were important factors for its success, culminating in in the final event in Brussels. There, we had the honor to enter the EU Parliament and present our work after 5 years of implementation. An unforgettable moment that gives you motivation to continue working in this industry in order to transmit and receive knowledge.

At the end of the day, what remains to be remembered are the services and support we provided to vulnerable people, the cooperation between the partners, the exchange of knowledge and experiences with professionals from different countries and backgrounds, the meetings and events we organized, the stress and perseverance to achieve the goals, the networking, the people…

The opportunity given to us by the EEA & Norway Grants to implement the project SEPAL, created a legacy for our organization, for our beneficiaries and for our employees. Our goal is to utilize this legacy and develop it, to implement new ideas and practices, always focusing on offering to the people.

Chris Makliri

Responsible for the coordination & communication of the project SEPAL PRO version on behalf of the Greek Social Cooperative of Limited Liability KoiSPE “Diadromes”


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