#Ourstories: What does it mean to be the info-comm officer of an EEA & Norway Grants’ Project?

As key account manager in the YouthShare project since last year, my role revolves around effectively managing the flow of information within the project and ensuring clear communication with relevant stakeholders. My journey as the information and communication officer for an EEA & Norway Grants’ project has been both challenging and rewarding. At the heart of my responsibilities is the task of bridging the gap between the project team, beneficiaries, and external partners. The EEA & Norway Grants’ project aims to foster collaboration and contribute to positive change in beneficiary countries, and my role is pivotal in conveying this narrative.

One of my key functions is crafting and disseminating compelling communication materials. This includes developing press releases, newsletters, and social media content to highlight the project’s milestones, achievements, and impact. I work closely with project managers and experts to distill complex information into accessible and engaging formats that resonate with diverse audiences.

Building and maintaining a strong online presence is crucial in the digital age, and I’ve spearheaded the development of a project facebook page. This page serves as a hub for information, featuring project updates, success stories, and multimedia content. Regularly updating and optimizing the facebook page ensures that stakeholders, including the public, donors, and project partners, stay informed and engaged.

In addition to external communication, I facilitate internal information sharing within the project team. This involves organizing regular meetings, workshops, and training sessions to enhance communication skills and keep everyone aligned with the project’s goals. I’ve implemented collaboration tools and platforms to streamline internal communication, ensuring that team members can efficiently exchange ideas and updates. I also play a vital role in crisis communication. In the event of challenges or setbacks, I work swiftly to provide transparent and accurate information to all stakeholders. This proactive approach helps in managing expectations and maintaining trust even in challenging circumstances.

Being the information and communication officer of an EEA & Norway Grants’ project means navigating the delicate balance between transparency and diplomacy. It requires adaptability, as the project evolves and encounters new challenges. Through effective communication, I strive to create a narrative that not only showcases the project’s impact but also fosters a sense of collaboration and shared purpose among all stakeholders. In this role, I’ve come to appreciate the power of communication in driving positive change. By conveying the project’s story with authenticity and clarity, I contribute to building a stronger foundation for sustainable development and cooperation. The journey continues, and I look forward to the ongoing challenges and triumphs that come with being the information and communication officer of this impactful initiative.

I do hope my contributions to the magazine have been useful to the purpose of the Fund Operator, on my side I’ve appreciated and disseminated the online issues on our social media page, to give the magazine a broader spreading.

Rosa Messuti KAM
Gal La Cittadella del Sapere – Italy


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