‘StayOn’ the past … to build the future!

Within a beautiful Teatro Massimo, the StayOn Project organised as well its closing event. An opportunity to discuss about the past, the lessons learnt, in order to foster positive reflections for the upcoming months. The ‘World Café’ round tables, going from raising awareness about the needs of youth through new channels, integrating coaching in organizational and community development, young migrants and refugees and, last but not least, to communicating activities and engaging stakeholders in projects, the first day of the event has been a great opportunity to share experiences and discuss about what can be improved, which are the relevant practices to be included into individuals’ and institutions’ cultural baggage and new approaches.

The Staff Unit of the Agricultural Development of Sicily Region was there, together with representatives of Agricultural Institutes and Universities of Sicily.

The experiences of young participants into projects’ implementation was just a taste of how good projects can create innovative and, above all, concrete solutions.

The visit to the beautiful Teatro Massimo, during Christmas’ period and lights, concluded the first day… Follow us to discover the results of this conference.


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