The Final Conference of the RAISE Youth project. Insights from Extremadura.

This Final Conference has served as an opportunity to finally gather in the same place all the knowledge, resources, tools and results of the RAISE Youth project produced during these five years. From FUNDECYT-PCTEX, we are very proud to see that the conceptualization of the RAISE Youth methodology has reached rural agents and rural youth in places with such disparities as the countries of the Consortium and we could not be happier with the final results of the project.

On relation to that, the participation in this Final Conference to the FUNDECYT team has also provide with a wide perspective about how the project and all the resources invested during the project life, has impacted not only in the local level, but also in all the Lika-Senj County.

FUNDECYT team had the opportunity finally to be present at the Permaculture Center built up throughout the project life, where we could verify on-site that it is more than an agricultural project. The RAISE Youth DEMO Center in Croatia has become a reference point for students, young entrepreneurs, and a picturesque place for the neighboring farmers, that are getting attracted by the innovative permaculture approach, all the positive benefits that it brings to the improvement of soil quality, and, consequently, on the products grown in this type of agro ecological systems.

During our participation in the Final Conference, we also perceive how social innovation principles has been integrated transversally in the inhabitants and young entrepreneurs of Lika-Senj County. The promoters behind success stories, (supported by the project), demonstrated in a reliable manner, that the value added of their business is not only based on their products, but also in the whole community impact.

Therefore, we hope the seeds that have been planted over the RAISE Youth project, will be blossom in the mood of a systemic change, just like the permaculture principles: by meeting the needs of the present while protecting future development.

In closing, if we have to remark something of the whole road traveled, we just have nothing but good words and our earnest congratulations to the Consortium for their work during this project and to the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment for giving us the opportunity to bring our ideas to life and help us to have a real and significant impact in youth all across Extremadura.

The RAISE Youth team in Extremadura.


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