Inclusivity and Partnership: StayOn’s Final Event Sets the Foundation for a Rural Community Culture.

On Thursday, the 14th, and Friday, the 15th, two days of result analysis and international dialogue took place in Palermo, at the exclusive venue of the Giardini del Massimo.

Common goals, shared experiences, and a crossroads of diverse cultures formed the three key elements that completed the final puzzle of the StayOn project. Reaching its natural conclusion, the project culminated in a two-day event within the exclusive setting of the Giardini del Massimo, offering the liberty-style ambiance of the painting hall and the comfortable, modern spaces of the vaulted hall.

Thursday, the 14th, marked the beginning of the proceedings with the welcoming of all European partners engaging in various activities for discussion and exchange. Roundtable discussions on various project-related topics took place, covering experiences of working with young migrants and refugees, integrating local culture as a tool to connect stakeholders with young NEETs, analyzing coaching tools, and creating communication channels as expressions of young people’s needs.

On Friday, the 15th, the final conference took place with the presence of project managers from partner countries, the Department of Agriculture of the Sicilian Region, local institutions, training course organizing companies, and the EEA Grants investment fund that supported the entire project. The day’s presentations involved the active participation of all organizations from the European countries involved: “Rezos Brands S.A.” for Greece; “Meath Partnership” for Ireland; “Creasaçor” for Portugal; “Atis” for Italy; “The Polish Farm Advisory” for Poland; “BB Consulting” for Slovenia, and finally, “ECSF Gmbh” for Germany.

This melting pot of cultures punctuated the event’s moments with panels and talks on various topics, such as investing in the potential of youth organizations through community-based approaches or the role of culture and its impact on managing community projects for the new generations.

In conclusion, space was given to StayOn’s final Manifesto, an institutional document signed by all partners, laying the foundation for a European alliance with the following objectives: harnessing the human potential of youth in rural communities by providing them with platforms and communication tools; promoting a culture of sharing and mutual growth among partners; laying the groundwork for a long-term impact on rural sustainability; involving a multitude of stakeholders to broaden the influence and scope of the European alliance.


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