Interview with Pauly Suchy, Director of GEN Startup Programs

What is the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN)? What are its objectives, and what programs does it promote?

“GEN Global stands as a thriving community dedicated to supporting founders worldwide. Our core mission is to build a robust scaffolding for startup ecosystems, offering access to essential resources like people, capital, and innovative programs. Key initiatives include the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC), Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), and Startup Huddle. By partnering with policymakers, investors, and community builders, we aim to tackle entrepreneurship barriers head-on.”

As Director of GEN Startup Programs, do you see any evolution in entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world? What can we expect for the future? And in the case of Spain?

The entrepreneurial landscape is indeed evolving. A key indicator is the rise of full-time entrepreneurs with sufficient resources to develop their products. Global challenges like the pandemic and climate change have had mixed impacts – posing obstacles but also fueling innovation. In the future, we can expect technological advancements, particularly in AI, to reshape industries. Spain, mirroring global trends, shows promising growth despite these challenges.”

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) was held in Melbourne a few months ago. What is your assessment of it?

“The GEC in Melbourne was a triumph in advancing global and local startup ecosystems. Its diversity and richness in content have consistently impressed since my first attendance in 2017. The event significantly strengthened our ties with the Australian startup community, fostering connections with investors and policymakers.”

One of your functions is to dynamize and coordinate Startup Huddle. How does Startup Huddle help entrepreneurs meet their challenges?

“Startup Huddle is a catalyst for startup community growth. It facilitates vital connections for founders, aiding in talent acquisition, investment opportunities, and overcoming cultural barriers. This grassroots program, led by passionate founders and supporters, is pivotal in building a supportive ecosystem for startups.”

What assessment does GEN make of the implementation of its programs in Spain in collaboration with Autoocupació and other institutions?

“In Spain, our collaboration with Autoocupació has been remarkable. Their active leadership in Startup Huddle has not only benefitted local communities but has also demonstrated effective scaling at a national level. This collaboration is a testament to the power of coordinated community efforts.”



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