The impacts of SEPAL project in the Greek partner KOISPE “Diadromes”

The SEPAL project was a milestone for our Cooperative and for each individual involved. Supporting the employment of vulnerable groups has always been a primary objective of our organization and this program has given us a special impetus to further develop and improve this objective.

The project gave us the opportunity to network within and outside Greece with organizations and institutions that support young people who are out of education and employment. It gave us the opportunity to meet young people with values and perspectives, who needed a chance to enter the labor market and showcase their skills. One of them was Maria F., who through the project received training in the field of aesthetics and through her cooperation with our WISE Expert, was able to receive a significant amount through a young entrepreneurs grant and start her own business. Also, Anastasia F., who after training in aesthetics, found her opportunity in the labor market, even though she had no previous experience or studies.

Another example is young people with autism spectrum disorders, who through the program have been given the opportunity to be trained in specialized computer and social entrepreneurship programs. Opportunities for these young people are limited and the SEPAL project has given them the opportunity to develop skills that are useful for their future.

We had young people trained in different areas such as cleaning, gardening, cooking, 3D printing, secretarial support, crafts, etc. We had WISE Experts and Coaches who supported the youth in their efforts to develop skills and find employment. We had LSCs, who played an important role in implementation by offering referrals for young NEETs and employment and training opportunities.

Special mention should be made of the project’s funders, the lead partner and our partners. Our cooperation throughout the 5 years has been exemplary. The funders and their monitoring mechanism have always been supportive and consultative, facilitating our project implementation. Our lead partner was excellent and provided substantial support from the beginning to the end of the implementation. Our partners gave their best and through a constructive and excellent collaboration, we were able to deliver successful results. The creation of new tools, international training meetings, webinars, exchange of best practices, creation of audiovisual material, were key factors for the success of the project.

The impact of the project on our beneficiaries and within our organization is strong and significant. The project employees developed new and strengthened many of the skills they possessed. They networked with local and foreign professionals and gained many experiences that will be absolutely useful in their careers. At an organizational level, our visibility through the implementation of the project has increased significantly across the social economy sector. Within the framework of our operation, and especially through the operation of the Office of Supported Employment of KOISPE Diadromes, we wish to keep SEPAL alive, using the tools and practices developed in the project.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the experience of implementing such a large and important project leaves an indelible imprint on our daily lives and our professional careers. The memories and stories created are many and will follow us forever. We look to the future with optimism and continue with even more desire for the implementation of new initiatives, always focusing on supporting young people and vulnerable groups. The SEPAL project is for us the basis for more actions and innovative initiatives.

Social Cooperative of Limited Liability Koi.S.P.E. “Diadromes”
Beneficiary Partner of SEPAL Project



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