The Best Results of the YOUTHShare Project

The YOUTHShare Project, had managed to archive most of its main goals, and is still going strong!

So let’s talk by numbers!

The project has come in touch with more than 11.000 people during its implementation, in a plethora of ways (phone calls, e-mails, meetings, coaching sessions and so on), has delivered 735 vocational profiles, has created more than a thousand individual coaching sessions, as well as 59 motivational workshops and 4 Transnational Employment centers in Greece, Spain, Italy and Cyprus. Through its two Online Training Programs and its four Trainee’s handbooks and manuals, the number of the YOUTHShare Project’s beneficiaries is 1163 young people, (318 from Cyprus, 312 from Greece, 265 from Italy and 266 from Spain).

During the implementation of the Project, 3 PhD students had me funded, at least 3 Transnational Reports have been created, and at least 11 scientific papers have been released in scientific magazines.

4 important digital tools have been created, providing solutions for a more targeted study of issues regarding youth (un)employment and NEETs, as well as for a further development of young people’s career.

Last but not least, on a more “social” impact, the social media pages of the Project had gained a total number of 2300 followers and 661 posts.


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