The project partners will do a study on young people with mental health problems and develop new methods to help this group get an education and a job. The project partners will work together with their families, employers and mental health institutions. They will establish youth houses called ‘Hidden Likes’ in which the youngsters will experience a supportive environment. By overcoming isolation and increase their motivation, they will get a mentor to help them in their training for local jobs.

Target groups:

  • Long-term unemployed young people aged 25-29 with mental health problems
  • Roma and other minority groups
  • Relatives and families of young people with mental health problems
  • Local employers
  • Mental health specialists

Project Partners:

CountryProject partner statusInstitutionType of institutionCity
BulgariaLead partnerAssociation “Sustainability of progressive and open communication”NGOSofia
HungaryBeneficiary partnerSalva Vita FoundationNGOBudapest
ItalyBeneficiary partnerCodici Social CooperativeSocial CooperativeMilan
LatviaBeneficiary partnerAssociation PINSNGORiga
IcelandExpertise partnerInspiring NGO (Hbetjandi NGO) HRISNGOGarðabær
NorwayExpertise partnerNorwegian National Advisory Unit on Concurrent Sub- stance Abuse and Mental Health DisordersPublicBrumundal

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