SEPAL PRO (Supporting Employment Platform through Apprenticeship Learning) project’s main goals are: to offer 24 months tailored support services on employment to 300 NEETs from Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Greece, and Poland, aged between 18 and 29 years old (low-skilled, migrants, with disabilities, Roma, and long-term unemployed) based on the SEPAL model, placing them on the labor market, and to professionalize the work based on the WISE support services for employment model, focusing on three main sectors (health, crafts and small entrepreneurship). Moreover, SEPAL PRO project aims to extend the mentoring and enlarge the number of WISE specialists up to 30 coaches including staff for local companies and institutions, to standardise the SEPAL WISE services by accreditation on training, employment services or job mediation), to increase the ICT competencies for 200 NEETs and support employment for 300 NEETs on 3 main sectors by creating SEPAL Local Stakeholder networks and promote learning on the job measures. The partnership will extend their cooperation with other projects by organising study visits, webinars and focus groups to define a system for skills certifications that NEETs already have or demonstrate for 4 months stages.

The SEPAL PRO project’s innovative parts:

  • To support coaching on the job places by specialising the local mentors
  • To provide basic ICT training for NEETs and focus on placing them in 3 main sectors: health, crafts, and small entrepreneurship, challenged fields during the COVID-19 pandemic period.
  • To enhance cooperation with other skills evaluation models promoted by other projects financed through this call.

The SEPAL PRO project’s services:

  • Evaluation and diagnose
  • Apprenticeship & on the job training within SES
  • Internships, coaching and mentoring on the job within regular firms
  • Evaluation of the competencies and recognized certification
  • Job mediation and employment

The SEPAL PRO project’s main results:

  • 300 NEETs qualified /on the job
  • 5 functional and sustainable SEPAL WISEs
  • 30 trained SEPAL professionals (coaches/mentors)
  • 45 involved SEPAL LSC
  • SEPAL PRO Innovation Book
  • SEPAL PRO e – Platform (INFO, HUB, MY SEPAL)
  • SEPAL PRO Apprenticeship Book
  • SEPAL PRO Evaluation Book
  • SEPAL Coalition
  • SEPAL White Book


Project Partners:

CountryProject partner statusInstitutionType of institutionCity
RomaniaLead partnerBucovina Institute for Social PartnershipNGOSuceava
GreeceBeneficiary partnerKoispe Diadromes – 10th sector at Attica PrefectureSocial CooperativeAthens
LithuaniaBeneficiary partnerVšĮ Žmogiškųjų išteklių stebėsenos ir plėtros biuras NGOSiauliai
PolandBeneficiary partnerFundacja Inicjatyw Społeczno-Gospodarczych Komes Non-public higher education institutionSzczecin
SpainBeneficiary partnerPere Closa Private FoundationNGOBarcelona

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