Many of the Mediterranean EEA regions, in addition to youth unemployment, face insularity-related pressures and refugee crisis. That problem needs transnational cooperation in research and in empirically-grounded solutions based on innovation and know-how transfer. The YOUTHshare project aims at reducing youth unemployment in coastal and island regions of Mediterranean EEA by advancing young NEETs skills in trans-locally resilient agri-food production, in social and sharing economies and in IT and web-based tools. The direct target groups are inactive low-skilled women and refugees/ asylum seekers/ migrants between 25 and 29 years old. The end beneficiaries are regional-scale non-traditional actors, supporting youth employability. Boosting the potential of NEETs in those sectors is expected to reduce economic disparities in the target areas. The project will deliver a transnational Research Network and an Employment Centre with branches in four Mediterranean countries, leading to an informed institutional engagement for NEETs. Tailor-made analysis allows for special counselling to NEETs, training on niche sectors, job matching and work-based training on social entrepreneurship will enhance NEETs’ employability. Start-up empowerment supported by a sharing platform will further boost entrepreneurship. The project’s transnational approach that builds on path-dependent Mediterranean linkages will engraft the traditional cooperation with shared international experience, tools, best practices, social economy start-ups and platforms, leading to a transnational bottom-up, sharing-based upgrade of the NEETs’ skills with the purpose of enhancing their employability. In addition to the inference of best practices as a policies’ toolbox, the successful implementation and scalability of the project will be measured through anintegrated methodology of evaluation and replication of its main results.

Target groups:

  • Inactive low-skilled women and migrants from local reception centres
  • Non-traditional regional actors supporting youth employability

Project Partners:

CountryProject partner statusInstitutionType of institutionCity
GreeceLead partnerUniversity of the AegeanPublicMytilene
CyprusBeneficiary partnerNeapolis University PafosPrivatePaphos
CyprusBeneficiary partnerCentre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology LTDPrivateNicosia
GreeceBeneficiary partnerNetwork for Employment and Social CarePrivate non-profitPiraeus
ItalyBeneficiary partnerRegional Agency for Employment and Learning Basilicata (ARLAB)PublicPotenza
ItalyBeneficiary partnerGAL La Cittadella del Sapere srlPublic/privateLatronico
ItalyBeneficiary partnerSistema Turismo srlPrivatePotenza
SpainBeneficiary partnerEducational association for integration and equalityNGOMurcia
SpainBeneficiary partnerCatholic University of MurciaPrivate non-profitMurcia
NorwayExpertise partnerFafo, Institute for Labour and Social ResearchNon-profitOslo

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